Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Scotland's famous people

James Clerk Maxwell statue at George Street, Edinburgh.
Maxwell was born at 14 India street, Edinburgh. James did his schooling at The Edinburgh Academy. He continued his education at the Universities of Edinburgh and Cambridge. He worked at Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Cambridge universities. In 1856, at the early age of 25, he became Professor of Physics at Marischal College, Aberdeen. From there he moved first to King's College, London, and then, in 1871, to become the first Professor of Experimental Physics at Cambridge where he directed the newly created Cavendish Laboratory.  It was at the Cavendish, over the next fifty years, that so much of the physics of today continued to develop from Maxwell's inspirationOne of his work legacy is  most famous electromagnetic theory. 
Birth place of Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell is a scientist and engineer who invented first practical telephone was born in 14 South Charlotte Street, Edinburgh

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