Thursday, 12 July 2012

Drive Through Scottish Borders

I Just decided to have a long drive and decided to hire a car and started driving. We tried to be smart and follow weather report in BBC and trying to find the dry places near Edinburgh. We found Hawick and peebles in scottish borders which should be dry during 1pm  and edinburgh supposed to be dry from 4pm on wards. To start with it looks like my idea of running away from clouds seems working, but after we cross Leaderfoot Viaduct which is situated 2.5 km east of Melrose rain never stopped until we reached edinburgh. A bit disappointed but its ok i enjoyed very long drive first time in life. 
 Leaderfoot Viaduct, Scottish borders
Leaderfoot Viaduct is a railway viaduct over the River Tweed,The viaduct was opened on November 16, 1863 to carry the Berwickshire Railway. 
 Leaderfoot Viaduct, Scottish borders

 The old Drygrange Bridge built in 1780 is now for pedestrians, horses and cyclists

  Hawick Town, Scottish Borders
 Hawick Town

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