Thursday, 28 October 2010

Aviemore Trip

Aviemore which is amazing trip to some of my friends, probably some will says it is dam freezing. Tour was initiated because of Mahesh who is leaving permanently to India, that's the reason we dared to do Camping at this time of the year.There was a lot delays and change in schedule because of friends coming from Manchester arrived late because of problems

We went to Avimore quite late, we dont have proper lights so it was such a pain in putting tents which caused disturbance
to people staying in caravans. We are sorry for them but we were helpless as well.
Next day Train to Cairngorm mountains , on the way we saw Aviemore Marathon. You should see the people running, some of them are so strong (winner Paul j Raistrick came 1st in 10k) some of them are very old(Michael Jones he came 581 in half marathon).
Caringorm mountains was good and the view from the top is wonderful.
After that we went to Tree-zone, it is
walking between trees it is such a amazing experience.

You should see Rohini, she is screaming all the way but she manage to finish successfully.

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