Monday, 30 August 2010

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2010

Edinburgh Fringe Festival is the world’s largest arts Festival. There are lot of events which includes Music, Dance, Comedy, Drama, Magic shows, Circus ,Special Military show called Tattoo. Artists come from all over the world.
This year I went to Magic+comedy show by Paul Dabek in Voodoo rooms. He is superb speaker and can create instant jocks. I like the Thread Trick, you should watch it.There is stupid guy called Peter came for the show who tried to capture attention by not supporting with Paul.
there was a Superb Superb Tap Dance program called Tap Ole in C-Venue in Edinburgh university at George Square. I love it, I have been waiting for a long time to get a chance to see Tap dance. There was guitarists and couple of tap dancers who created amazing sounds in hall with their feet.
We went to Street shows music from Native Americans, Group from Africa, Guy with Henry (vacuum cleaner), Glass ball illusion.
Some times free shows can be disaster, Show in omni center has fun but lot of sex related comedy not lot actually entire show, for some time it is fun but not for entire 45min. To be fare there are some good jocks as well. In Nicolsn Street Stand up comedy show by Bruce Fummey - About Nothing in Particular is alright.
I am waiting for Fireworks which will be astonishing, hope i will get some nice pics this time.


  1. oh even women tap dance?
    though they're wearing male shoes..
    ah well, it's the sounds that's important.

    rohini looking great.
    u? not so great. haha.


  2. hiiii.. nice to see ur blog... its good,, include some more pics